*Example of a simple cell/block shaded character, more complex gradient techniques also employed (see portfolio for examples).Mascot created for the Glasgow Sharks AFL team.  http://www.glasgowsharks.co.uk/

How Do I make your mascot?

It all starts with your idea. Clients can come to me with a very 'rough idea, or a totally clear picture in their head,

that they may not be able to get to paper and make a reality. So I will produce sketches, and with regular updates

and feedback, find that 'perfect' character.

Now take a look, and see how the final sketch came to life!


(For further information on how I work, services and prices, see 'further information below).

About Me

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I specialise in creating engaging, professional business mascots for SMEs or individuals (as well as other illustration projects).  There is nothing I enjoy more than creating characters and making clients happy.


What makes me different? I can tailor my services and costs to suit your needs and budgets, using simple or more sophisticated colouring techniques. I have experience in changing my style and approach to suit your brand identity and creating an engaging, memorable and captivating character which your clients will love and make your professional presence memorable. 


I have a variety of experience creating mascots and other design assets for a variety of companies from fashion, tradesmen and craftsmen, educational institues, zoological collections, bloggers/vloggers, website owners, marketing companies and many more. I can easily tailor my style and utilise my experience, to create something which perfectly fits your business and brand identity (or your money back - see FAQ). 


I have an excellent knowledge of human and animal anatomy, and have studied this at PostGraduate level, which help me to construct believable, engaging characters from very cartoony to realistic. When designing non human characters (monsters and

other interesting creatures), my background in ecology helps me to create 'living' creatures, rather than a flat 2D drawing. Contemplating a characters place in the world (what it eats, where it lives), helps to construct a living character


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