• Corporate/business mascots

  • Commercial illustration

  • Children's illustrations

  • Caricatures

  • Concept art/character design


Toon Shack studio stands out, because of the lengths I will go to find the perfect

style and character for your project or business.


For further information take a look at my FAQ or a selection of past projects. 


Graphic design

  • I can design company logos in vector and/or bitmap format

  • Marketing materials: business cards, flyers, displays, POS

  • Web formatting/design (I can help from a design perspective, but do not offer coding)

Stock Images

Also if you like any of my pre-made stock characters; which are a nice alterative to a custom mascot, I am currently producing even more stock mascots to download for an extremely affordable price (starting at £3.40/$5). So far there is:

Hourly Hire

For those who would like to hire my services hourly (rather than a one off payment - full payment details here), you can use this quick and easy Paypal Button. This will allow you to use Paypal, to safely hire me for over three hours to begin or continue work. 

If you are hiring my services, please make sure you have read my FAQ and you have sent a detailed brief of your requirements. 

I look forward to working with you.




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